Brooklyn Bank

Jim Filer Coleman - vocals, sampler, piano

Teho Teardo - vocals, sampler, guitar

This duo has created a new world of melody. It is parts ambient, drums n bass, hip-hop and any other electronic music ever thought of. It is pretty. It is intelligent. 

The songs go in different directions, where the only thing that matters, is journey. It is very accessible. It is soft in places, and then whoom, it is rough, then it gets dark, before it finally fades into light. Your ears deserve to hear these songs. Your brain needs to hear it. It has cool trippy lyrics with lyndia lunch, always a plus. After buying this album, look into these men's other project's "Matera," and "Phylr." This is Jazz for the new epoch!

  • carolyn honeychild coleman - vocals
  •  scott mc cloud – backing vocals, feedback guitar 
  • lydia lunch – vocals 
  • bill bronson – bass 
  • rock savage – drums 
  • jim colarusso – trumpet
  • dave ouimet – trombone 
  • tierry from bern – clarinet 
  • massimo de mattia – flute 
  • lisa haney – cello