Giorni Rubati

In 2004 Italian electronics composer Teho Teardo and New York cellist Erik Friedlander began a trans-Atlantic collaboration, exchanging ideas, creating and remixing each other's contributions. They discovered a rapport that superseded their different backgrounds. The classically trained cellist now Downtown improviser and former electro punk now cutting edge film composer found they shared a drive to create emotionally charged, passionate music. Their first efforts, Munifried, was integral in Teardo's soundtrack for "Lavorare Con Lentezza", a film by Guido Chiesa who loved the track and purchased the rights for his film. Then, in the summer of 2005, Teho visited New York City and brought with him a bottle of red wine and an idea for a project: a book of poems by Pier Paolo Pasolini, the Italian director and writer who was murdered in 1975. Friedlander recorded 8 responses to the poems: some were single track cello improvisations, others were more complicated, multi-tracked productions which he sent to Teho in Italy. Teardo recomposed the tracks by mixing layers of elegant electronica, piano, and guitar with the stark acoustic cello. In between scoring projects, touring, and making CD's the two musicians found time to work together on their collaboration. They completed Giorni Rubati in early 2006 and, as a special addition included two live tracks, one from The Knitting Factory in New York, and the other from Prodenone, Italy--taken from a concert celebrating the 30 year anniversary of Pasolini's death.

Erik Friedlander - cello 

Teho Teardo - guitar, electronics