Denti english

Denti. A Film by the Oscar winner Gabriele Salvatores.

'Teeth' is visually stunning. The next time I hear the term "magic realism", this film will leap to mind. That's only a vague categorization, of course. 'Teeth' defies classification. Perhaps it is Cronenberg-esque, but with a fundamentally positive outlook. No, I don't mean to suggest that this film is upbeat - but it gives you the impression that all of the extremes and strangeness have served a purpose. This is also considerably more artistic than anything Cronenberg has created so far.

Wistful, hilarious, horrifying, and contemplative by turns. Wow! Oh, and if you were expecting a quiet, amusing story like Mediterraneo... be prepared for a surprise.

Music by Teho Teardo and Federico De Robertis.