La Rabbia english

La Rabbia. A film by Louis Nero.

A young director 25/30 years old, lives with a girl. Active part of the Intellectual society, he represents perfectly the union between fear and determination, that changes deeply his way of understanding the world that surrounds him. His only aim is to leave a footstep of his presence on this world realizing a film. Daily vent seems to be the bar meeting with two writers friends, perfect place where to dream about their future. They usually discuss and debate about a lot of subjects. Often, those long conversation do not bring our protagonist to any tangible conclusion, but look useful to maintain him rooted to reality. Reality that seems to be well represented by his alter ego, a middle age cinema director, that has already perfectly understood how life goes and is ready to be his mentor. As a side character the city, suspended between greyness and immaterial, that screams his materialism to the young director, deaf in front of his recall. The rude reality is that to be part of this huge cinema machine he needs money to let his dream becomes true. Unavoidable the meeting with the producer, character that express himself with a dichotomy between market laws and personal experiences. Brecht said:” what is rob a bank compared to create a bank?”, aphorism that leads the protagonist to get easy money (robbing banks to produce his film). Realized that, now the young director has to distribute the film, and the distributor seems to be close as behaviour to the producer. The final question is: is it right to fight for your personal ideals or is it better to follow the easy-money way? He already knows the answer.