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A film by Guido Chiesa.

Italy. The 70's. Along with the birth of a free Radio in Bologna (Radio Alice) and the political developments of the radical Italian left, two young men get in touch with a new consciousness which is spreading among the youth. Getting by daily and refusal of given destiny is their way of life, while tragedies surround them. (During a rally a student is shot to death in front of them (real story), a friend of them is sent to prison for the beating up of a moneylender). Directed with a subtle touch, no rhetoric, no stereotype. There's no judgment, the only aim is just to tell a story. The Italian Seventies are righteously described without taboo. Just watch it and have a two-hours-real-good-time!

Regia Guido Chiesa
Sceneggiatura Guido Chiesa, Wu Ming
Direttore dellafotografia Gherardo Gossi
Scenografia Sonia Peng
Costumi Lina Taviani
Suono in presa diretta Remo Ugolinelli
Montaggio Luca Gasparini
Montaggio del Suono Benni Atria
Musiche Teho Teardo
Aiuto regia Roy Bava
Organizzatore generale Gianluca Chiaretti
Prodotto da Domenico Procacci
Fandango in collaborazione con Medusa