The girl by the lake

The girl by the lake (La ragazza del lago)

It is eight o’clock in the morning when Marta, biting a doughnut, is returning home after having slept at her aunt’s house. A truck stops: Mario, a deranged local young man, convinces her to follow him to his farm. The alarm goes off immediately, Marta is only six years old. Inspector Sanzio, an experienced policeman, who recently moved to that remote area comes to the town. The younger collegue Siboldi, born in those valleys, becomes his guide also to get to know the family ties and relationships of that small community. The two of them, accompanied by Alfredo, Sanzio’s loyal collegue since his time in homicide, will have to stay in town because another crime is about to be committed; a crime probably connected to one of the families in the village, born from a sentimental or emotional tie: everyone that Sanzio meets and interrogates could be a potential killer. The inspector enters into the story with unusual participation: even his own family is crossed by a sharp pain that runs parallel to the investigation.

The novel
The film is based on Karin Fossum’s novel Don’t look back, released for the first time in Italy in 2003 with the title Lo sguardo di uno sconosciuto (Frassinelli). The novel is part of a crime series with inspector Conrad Sejer, usually accompanied in his investigatinos by his vice Skarre.
Karin Fossum, Norwegian, was born in 1954 and when she was just twenty, published a collection of poetry and won a debutant’s prize. Author of poems and short stories, in 1995 she wrote the first of her police procedurals, the acclaimed Eve’s Eye, featuring inspector Sejer for the first time. The following year, with Don’t look back (Frassinelli), she won the two main Norwegian prizes for best crime novel, and in 1997 she won the Bookseller’s Prize. Thanks to her series on Sejer, Fossum is considered the best Norwegian author of psychological thrillers and one of the greatest authors in Scandinavia. In Italy Frassinelli has also published: He who fears the wolf and The indian bride. Her books are constantly at the top of the bestseller lists and have been translated in all of Europe. In Norway her police procedurals on Inspecter Sejer have given life to a successful tv series but The girl by the lake is the first feature film based on one of her novels.

Regia: Andrea Molaioli

Sceneggiatura: Sandro Petraglia
Direttore della fotografia: Ramiro Civita
Montaggio: Giogiò Franchini
Casting: Annamaria Sambucco
Aiuto regista: Loredana Conte
Scenografia: Alessandra Mura
Costumista: Jessica Zimbelli
Montaggio del suono: Silvia Moraes
Fonico: Alessandro Zanon
Musiche originali: Teho Teardo
Organizzazione generale: Viola Prestieri Gennaro Marchitelli
Prodotto da: Nicola Giuliano e Francesca Cima
Prodotto da: Indigo Film in collaborazione con Medusa e Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission realizzato con il contributo del Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali-Direzione generale per il cinema
Distribuzione Italia: Medusa