18, Sep 2015

New album out now: Le retour à la raison

Teho Teardo

Le retour à la raison. Music pour trois films de Man Ray

Lp (with download card and a special insert), cd, download on Specula records

Villa Manin, the exhibition centre, commissioned the music for three movies of the avant-garde photographer and director, so Teho created his music inspired from “La Retour à la Raison” (1923), “Emak Bakia” (1926), “L'etoile de Mer” (1928).
This album is about a unique meeting with Man Ray. Unique because silent films directors are all dead!
They disappeared ages ago and a possible way to get in touch with them again is looking for their bequest in the universe, their work shines like stars.
Music is a constellation above a mysterious and seductive world and this album documents the meeting with Man Ray.
This record it's not a soundtrack, you can't make a soundtrack for those movies, Man Ray hates soundtracks to the point he could easily kill you with his famous nailed flatiron.
If there aren't chances to consider a soundtrack then another approach might be possible to establish a real dialog between images and sound and what happened here was an obscure rendezvous in the sky with the members of the anonymous society that inhabit Man Ray movies, ghosts, departed ladies, totemic figures, his friend in drag Rrose Sélavy... All of them were inspirational to find a sound that could establish a connection with a world which is no longer there, a world that probably never really existed even when those movies have been shot but we can still admire it on those incredible outstanding movies, so full of life, still true today.
And music's unwritten law is truth.
Joachim Arbeit (Einsturzende Neubauten), Joe Lally (Fugazi), David Coulter were involved during the recordings of this album
Premiere took place at Villa Manin, the further shows at the Galway Arts Festival, Maxxi contemporary art museum in Rome and Museo del cinema in Torino.

L'etoile de mer video by Francesca Mazzoleni